our ethos

Apolina was born out of a desire to create a more authentic style, something exciting yet nostalgic; not a passing trend but a modern bohemian range with longevity and a sense of craft.

With a focus on highlighting Indian craftsmanship, Apolina works with a small, family-run Indian manufacturer, who employs equal numbers of women and men (unusual for this industry; it’s usually men). Ethical trading and production practices are strictly adhered to and workers are not only paid a fair wage, they are also treated as members of the extended family.

Each item is unique due to the hand finishing of the garment and the free-hand machine embroidery is carried out by artisan embroiderers. Garments are produced in limited numbers through 'small batch' production.

Apolina embraces the idea of slow fashion with garments enjoying the potential for an enhanced life. Slowing the rate of fashion consumption is especially hard to do in childrenswear but it is something we feel hugely passionate about. Our versatile pieces are mindfully designed to fit for as long as possible.
Our aim for our 'Pattie' dress for example, with its simple relaxed fit, is that it should fit children for a couple of years.

Each style is seasonless and has been designed to be layered up or dressed down depending on the weather. We want to encourage minimum waste and to help remove the idea of disposability in fashion. We imagine each Apolina piece will be passed down to younger siblings and then kept by mothers as a reminder of cherished childhood memories and in the hope of being passed to grandchildren as a future heirloom.

Apolina is made for modern bohemian mothers who are searching for an authentic yet exciting style, each piece has been produced fairly and ethically with a considered approach to slowing consumption. We hope that you are as proud to support our small business as we are proud that you are choosing to dress your little ones in our clothes.